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Subject: SSSGC Zone 1-Green Team-Activities to Offer for Mother Easwaramma Day


Sai Ram Dear National Presidents,

Please distribute the following offering from our Zonal Green Team:

Sairam All:

The GREEN TEAM has taken up Water Conservation as the first project, which will be referred to as WATER SENSE. We present many educational activities and actionable projects to raise awareness of effective solutions and directly preserve water for our Mother Earth. We hope that you will be able to take one or many more of these activities and present this offering for Mother Easwaramma Day.  One of the Divine Mother’s wishes was to provide drinking water to millions and with Swami’s blessings, it culminated in the Sathya Sai Water Project. May this serve as our inspiration to pave the way to take care of the 5 elements, we pray to Swami to bless us with WATER SENSE.

WATER SENSE activities/projects are presented as-

WATER SENSE-At Home-Personal Use

WATER SENSE-At Home-Use of Appliances

WATER SENSE-In the Garden -Upcoming

WATER SENSE-In the Community.

What is the goal? To transform and revere the five elements which is Man’s inherent nature. Revering water is the first step to realizing God within you. As a Center, please reach out to your service coordinator or SSSE coordinator so you can offer this gift of WATER SENSE to Mother Easwaramma and Swami on Mother Easwaramma Day. 

How can I catalog my progress? Take photos/draw pictures/clip videos to implement these simple activities and send us new ones to share with everyone in 2 ways.

i)                   You can directly email to

ii)                You can put it directly in our drive-

For more details, please see the flyer and activities at our website:



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